Campaigns for Finger Lakes Community College can be unrestricted - allowing the funds to be applied where they are needed most - or they can be designated to support any of the specific initiatives listed below:

  • A campaign to support the College's most needed priorities via the FLCC Fund. Such campaigns will have a broad and immediate impact on the lives of FLCC students by enriching academic programs, enhancing facilities, improving technology, and augmenting the General Scholarship Fund.
  • A campaign to establish a scholarship that will help students realize their dreams of a quality college education. An endowed scholarship can be established with a minimum of $25,000. An expendable scholarship can be established with a minimum of $1,000.
  • A campaign to boost an existing scholarship fund.
  • A campaign to support FLCC athletics.
  • A campaign to bolster a specific academic program.
  • A campaign to enhance the student emergency funds. 
Campaigns must be consistent with Finger Lakes Community College's stated mission, purpose, and priorities. Campaigns must not violate the terms of the College's brand identity, be unduly burdensome to administer, pose an unacceptable risk of liability, or benefit a specific FLCC employee or student.